2 Minutes in Panama

April 29, 2015


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Panama reminded me of the ultimate getaway: the place to escape from heartbreak, drama, and anything else unrequited. A country that felt remarkably similar to my past identity crisis. I saw the increasingly common case of old world clashing with gentrification during my visit. But despite the changing landscape, there are still pockets of hidden gems. Gems full of vibrancy stemming from the country’s culture, food, pride, and people. When you discover these gems, you realize that despite the change, Panama knows who it is at heart.

I spent two and a half days in Panama City, and absolutely fell in love. There are immediate regrets of not using more vacation days to see less of the touristy areas, but as always, this is just another reason to return.

2 Minutes in ______ has been something I’ve been conceptualizing since December. As Panama marks my 15th country conquered, I realized there was no better way to celebrate than to finally put the videos to fruition. I hope you enjoy! PS, I promise it’ll only get better as I relearn video editing programs.


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