Follow Me Back Friday: to Story Hotel, Stockholm

October 9, 2015



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“Ugh, so much regret!” “Yeah, why else do you think Vic and I were taking so many selfies?! We were bored out of our mind waiting for you to make a move on her.” My friend  let out a groan. He was obviously lamenting over his poor judgment after a night out in Stockholm. Hours before the start of our debauchery, we had met a cute local at a bar. Once she finished her bartending shift, she met us in the lobby of our hotel and took us around the popular clubs in Stockholm.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was interested?!” he asked while rolling around on the floor of our hotel room. I burst out laughing at the depressed look on his face from a missed opportunity at a foreign lover. I wanted to sympathize, but his cocoon of blankets and thrown pillows couldn’t be taken seriously. “We would have left the room. You could have had the Story Hotel room all to yourself,” I said. He half rolled his eyes at us. It wasn’t a full roll solely because he had one too many Jameson shots. My pick of poison. “Don’t worry, you still have tomorrow,” said Melissa. “Go make the most of your time in Stockholm. I want to have another story.”



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