Follow Me Back Friday: To the Trevi Fountain, Rome

October 29, 2016


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It was chaos trying to take in the Trevi Fountain during the day. But even then, it was magical with its glistening unreal bright blue hues. What seemed like thousands of people surrounded the fountain. The little streets echoed the rush of the water and the loud conversations surrounding the Trevi. How could it be simultaneously chaotic and calming? I thought about throwing my coin in, but my mind couldn’t focus on what I wanted to wish for.

I returned the next night. It was past three AM. My two friends and I sat on the steps, starring out in silence until one chimed in that it was the perfect time to make a wish. I stepped up, with a blank mind once again. But this time by choice. I’m tired of wishes. Instead, I want to dream. I want to dream of a future that will be fueled by my own ambition, my own sacrifices, and my own confidence that I will succeed.

Noticing my friends were waiting for me to finish, I closed my eyes, breathed a comfortable sigh, and tossed the coin.

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